Friday, 24 February 2012

East Vs West

Cultural qualities of the East
Cultural qualities of the West
Intuition is honored
Intuition is suspect
“Trust me” Attitude
“Prove it” attitude
Man is unified with nature
Man stands distinct from Nature
Family centered
Individual centered
God´s nature is shown in many forms
One God, One way
Traditionalist; values the past
Pioneer; values the future
Nature is explained in metaphors
Nature is explained in formulas
Consciousness is at the center
Science is at the center
Knowledge is self revealing
Knows via instruments and processes
Rebirth to the soul
One life to live
Accepts consequences of the past
Blames the past
Marriages are analyzed for success
Marriages are entered blindly
Low rate of divorce
High rate of Divorce (+50%)
Women work with in the home
Women work outside the home
Women is dependent
Women is independent
Women is protected
Women fend for themselves
The elderly are regarded
The elderly are disregarded
Affections are displayed privately
Affections are demonstrated publicly
Don´t wander from home
International travelers and move often
Group or team effect
Individual effort
Educators are supported
Educators seek support
Priests are honored
Priests are questioned
Low technology
High technology
Low rate of change
High rate of change
Life purpose is defined and linked to past
Life purpose is uncertain
High birth rate
Low birth rate
No Social security other than children
Social security systems available
Wet summers, dry winters, hot springs
Wet winters, dry summers, cool springs
Small middle class
Large middle class
Caste system or fixed growth ranges
American dreams; anyone can make it
Treats the part in terms of the whole
Treats the part in terms of the part

Source: The Book - Beneath the Vedic sky, William R. Levacy

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