Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Steiner rejected Modern science!


 My introduction stated that if you believed in science you cannot believe in Biodynamics and that the reverse is also true, that if you believe in Biodynamics you cannot believe in Science. 
I’ve hitched my wagon to science, so let’s take a look at science.  Science is several thousands of years old.  Some pretty big names are associated with science; Pasteur, Darwin, Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Aristotle, Bacon, Curie, Copernicus, Da Vinci et al.  These are great scientists who earned their achievements the hard way – they did the research.  There is the scientific method, reproducibility and the peer review.  Remember cold fusion; nobody else could get the same results and so that theory went into the round file.  Science is critical thinking,  challenging the status quo and never closed to criticism.
 Now let’s look at Biodynamics, which was created by Rudolf Steiner in 1924.  Steiner was a member of The Theosophical Society and hung out with the infamous Madame Blavatsky, a great con artist, medium and holder of many séances.  Like Madame Blavatsky, Steiner also spoke with the dead.  He created The Anthroposophy Society and gave the lectures that became the bases for Biodynamic farming. He also created the Waldorf School system. 
 Instead of rigorous research, Steiner used “intuition,” “perception” and “Spiritual Science” to formulate his theories.   Here’s what Steiner said about peer review:  “As far as I am concerned, spiritual-scientific truths are true in and of themselves, and do not need to be confirmed by other circumstances or external methods” and “Direct perception reveals what I have just described.”
 You think I was talking smack at Biodynamics? Get a load of what Steiner thought of Science?
  • “… for today’s superficial science.”
  • “But that is the case with any science that chooses to take into account only physical things; it only understands corpse.  In reality, however, oxygen is the carrier of the living ether, and this living ether uses sulfur to gain control over oxygen.”
  • “Take for example the scientific absurdities…”
  • “These things cannot be dealt with effectively by the science available today.”
  • “The type of experimentation current today is not real science; it ismerely a recording of individual phenomena and isolated facts.”
  • “but what does today’s science do?  It takes a little glass plate and puts a carefully prepared something-or-other on it, gets rid of everything else and peers at it through something called a microscope.  That is the exact opposite of what we ought to be doing…”
 Steiner rejected science and created “spiritual Science” to suit his needs.  Steiner’s beliefs are in direct opposition to all of the sciences such as astronomy, botany, biology, zoology, anthropology, geology, plant physiology, plant pathology et al. 
 Science and Biodynamics are mutually exclusive.   Thus, to believe in Biodynamics, you must accept Steiner’s “Spiritual Science” and reject modern science.  I’m hazarding a guess, but I don’t believe that most biodynamic supporters understand this dilemma they’ve gotten themselves into.  The only way that I can see out of this dilemma is intellectual dishonesty or by accepting Biodynamics on faith, thus making it  a religion.

Stuart Smith


  1. Mr.Stuart seems to be notionally correct. Steiner was so raw in most of his observations. Even the farming community who is behind this method lack reasoning ability..... since they go behind results.

  2. This confusion would certain happen when the shoots sprout in some nation and the roots lies in different nation. Steiner's followers should reach India (roots) to get clarified.