Wednesday, 26 January 2011

"இந்திய" குடியரசு தின குறிப்பு!


  1. People get this illusion of good men doing nothing. Infact for these people life is all about winning and losing... Who are you fighting to win? Your own brethren who lost track their path? Isn't it your duty to bring them back to their original path... How can some one be victorious over this achievement? Also good people seem to be doing nothing because injustice is not an option to kill injustice. It will only give root to another evil. In addition those things that good people do will be realized generations afterwards.So those who think themselves as good should come out of their short sightedness and judgmental attitude. So kill the attitude of winning and losing, you only have a journey left...

  2. sathya,

    You said, people lost track.. so there is an attempt to set right the track.. if one achieves this objective, it is called winning.. if they could not, it is called losing..

    do you think, winning or losing means something is destroyed? No.. winning is achieving our objective or goal..

    Secondly whether its our brethren or stranger, to establish good in the society, the bad has to be destroyed..

  3. Right Angle,

    You are right... Carefully look at your own response. If the person achieves his objective then he wins. What happens to the other person? I guess if there is a winner then there is a loser too.. So you win and the other person lost... This cycle will repeat itself on a later time giving way for the opposite to happen. So this battle will continue for ever....

    So if we are able to look beyond winning and losing, the problem will become more subjective than being objective. Objective oriented solutions will always bring in more compelling situations where you will be required to take sides. But when you are more subjective to any given condition then there can be infinite ways of dealing with it.

    In such an approach the person himself finds the appropriate path and you just become a facilitator. Thereby neither of you win nor lose.

  4. Sathya,

    The world is cycle of events.. day-night, hot-cold.. so as good - bad.. once the society was good.. then it became bad.. now again it has to come good.. this is natural and that is what the reality is..

    Onlookers and bystanders may be subjective.. bcoz they just observe what is happening.. but those who do the actual work at the ground level can only be objective.. bcoz they are bound by results..
    To quote an analogy, TNAU can be subjective.. but Monsanto cannot be :)

  5. Right Angle,

    The world seems to be a cycle of events. Day and Night, Good and Bad etc., are in your mind. Its a perception. But it doesn't take longer to consciously understand that they are in existence as you and I are.

    Only people who are active can be subjective. Because subjectiveness comes from the understanding of Cause and Effect which involves creation, sustainance, and destruction. If you are bound by results then you are just an effect along with other realms of effects. But once we break this phenomenon we become the cause....

    Your analogy doesnt work here. Only because TNAU is Objective, Monsanto is Objective.....Once TNAU becomes subjective, Monsanto has no other option but to become subjective....