Thursday, 1 December 2011

TNAU recollects the traditional paddy varieties from farmers

The traditional paddy varieties released before are seem to be lost  in Tamil nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) or it is collecting undocumented paddy varieties. It is the call request made by the head of the department of Rice, TNAU, Coimbatore.

The following are the traditional paddy varieties selections released from TNAU, since 1921.


            Department of Rice was established in the year 1912 and is the oldest rice research station in India. This centre is internationally renowned with its record in rice history, headed by the British scientists like F.R. Parnell, P.O. Iliffe and also by the first Indian paddy specialist Dr.K.Ramaiah.
            This is situated at an elevation of 426.72m and between 11oN latitude and 77oE longitude. The total area is 12.96 ha having clayey texture of soil with 7.8 pH. The average rainfall is 900 mm per year.
1.       Development of high yielding varieties of different duration groups through Inter disciplinary approach.
2.       Collaborative research programmes are being carried out with the co-ordination of Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad through All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project (AICRIP)
3.       Collaborative research with International Rice Research Institute, Philippines and Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad.
4.       Hybrid rice research in the National and International network programme.
5.       Genetic enhancement through innovative approaches like wide hybridization, anther culture and molecular aspects.
6.       Accomplishing post graduate research
7.       Transfer of technology to create awareness by organizing training programmes, front line demonstrations and study tours for the benefit of the farming community.

University Research Projects  
1.       Development of three line hybrids in rice
2.       Development of hybrids crops rice
3.       Evaluation of short duration (105 – 115 days) rice varieties resistant / tolerant to BPH and blast through mission mode approach
4.       Nucleus and breeder seed production of Coimbatore rice varieties
5.       Evaluation of early and mid early duration varieties through AICRIP and INGER
6.       Development of TGMS lines in rice
7.       Development of two line hybrids in rice
8.       Development of new hybrid rice variety
9.       Hybrid seed production of ADTRH 1 and CORH 2 rice hybrids
10.   Collection, evaluation and conservation of germplasm types in rice.
11.   Evaluation of medium and long duration rice cultures from AICRIP
12.   Evolution of medium duration rice varieties resistance to blast and stem borer through mission mode approach
13.   Development of new CMS lines in rice
 Externally funded projects
1.       Large scale germplasm, breeding and mapping populations- collection and characterization for genetic enhancement of drought tolerance in rice. (Rockefeller Foundation, USA grant) (PI: Dr. S. Robin)
2.       Development and Dissemination of drought tolerant rice cultivars (Generation Challenge Programme- RF-IRRI grant)(PI: Dr. S. Robin)
3.       Diversification of tungro virus resistance into commercial rice cultivars (Govt. of India - Dept. of Biotechnology grant)        (PI: Dr. S. Robin)

Contact Professor and Head
Department of Rice
Center for Plant Breeding and Genetics
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Coimbatore - 641 003
Tamil Nadu, India.
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