Sunday, 16 October 2011

Thiruppur and Manchester - The Two Monsters

This is a part of story of one Muslim family went to UK during British period for working in cotton mills and their current situation after the closer of Manchester (City in England) mills. This was a show kept in the Göttingen Library in Germany (in November 2007) for explaining the life history of the family. The Muslim family was employed in the Manchester textile mills and the following photos describe the Manchester's textile industry’s doom.

1. Manningham Mills

2. Weaving shed of Manningham mills

3. Unemployed youths before Bolton mills

4. Member of the Muslim family in Mill

5. Dooms day for UK’s Manchester Textile Industry

Let us not repeat the same thing in THIRUPPUR, Southern Manchester of India

1.      Thiruppur India’s Textile Valley.

Thiruppur boom destroys agriculture by absorbing labours, Pollutes the Noyyal and ultimates Tanjore farmers, Creates urbanization in near by districts, Health hazards in various forms, Multispeciality hospitals thrives,etc. etc.

Story of Manchester doom is Simple, but the story of Thiruppur boom is more complex, it has created lot of irreversible problems just for $ and €.  

Alarm 2011 for Thiruppur:

A Simple court order for closure of dyeing industries resulted in chocking of Thiruppur economy. Tomorrow, a small market aberration in world economy will lead to Manchester's end to Thiruppur. 

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