Friday, 19 March 2010

Life Killer Series 7: "Botany of Desire - A Mono-culture insight"

Life Killer Series 7:
"Botany of Desire - A Mono-culture insight"

Dear Friends,

I have explained manythings in the life killer series (Livelihood killer series) in my previous posts. E.g. Sugarcane and its voracious nature for water, Meat eating habit, Prosopis's nature of super propagation, coffee, etc.

Here in this post, I would like to bring up a documentary which explains very detailedly about the human desire in various forms towards certain plants (Apple, Cannabis, Tulip and Potato) and how it drives up environmental problems and risks upon humanity.

Finally, the author ends with a smart and easy solution for all complex problems, on which most of ours would convinced. Its very good and highly appreciable work from Michel Pollan. I have uploaded certain part (Case of Potato) of his documentary in youtube, whose links were given below.

Please kindly spend some 30 minutes to watch the part of the documentary in youtube

Botany of desire Introduction

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