Thursday, 7 January 2010

What pains like a shaft till death?

What pains like a shaft till death?

1.What is more beneficial than anything else?


2. What is poison?

Transgression of preceptor’s orders.

3.What is the most desirable for human beings?

Life dedicated to one’s and others’ welfare

4. What is the cause of greatness?

That which is known as not asking favours

5.What is unhappiness?


6.What is unintelligence?

Not repeating what is learnt.

7. What is transient like the water on the lotus leaf?

Youth, Wealth and life

8.What is priceless?

That which is given at the right moment.

9. What pains like a shaft till death?

The sin committed in secrecy

10. Where is effort ordained?

In learning, good medicine and charity

11.By whom is this world conquered?

By the person who has endurance and truthfulness

12. In whose control lies the community of creatures?

One who speaks the truth, is kindly and is humble

13. To what should one stick?

To the right path wherein the seen and the unseen profits abound

14. What is charity?

Expecting no return

15.Who is a friend?

One who saves from Sin

16. What is to be grieved over?


17. Which place is to be shunned?

One abounding in wicked people and ruled by a greedy king

18. Who is to be grieved over in this world?

One who is not giver even when there is wealth

19. What is to be contemplated day and night?

The feet of the lord, not the worldly life

20. What is to be earned by people?

Knowledge, wealth, strength, fame, merit

21. Which is the destroyer of all qualities?


22. Who is the enemy?


23. What is to be well protected?

Good name, devoted life and discernment

24. What is the Kalpa creeper in the world?

Knowledge imparted to the earnest student

25. What, too, is heinous?


26. What is more painful than death to a respected person?


27. Who grows?

The humble

28. What is good fortune for those who have body?


29. Who is the protector of the world?

The Sun.

30. What is the cause of livelihood for everyone?

That is rain.

31. Who is brave?

One who protects those in fright.

32. And who is the protector?

It is the preceptor

33. Who is the perceptible goddess?


34. And who is the preceptor to be honoured?


35. Who is the fit recipient of the gift of food?

The hungry

- Sri Chadrasekara Saraswathi Swamikal

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